The Trump Campaign Belatedly Realizes How Colorado Picks Its Delegates

On March 1, Colorado Republicans gathered at 2,917 precinct caucuses to select delegates to the county assemblies and district conventions. If you’re a Coloradan with a view on the Republican primary, this is when you got to vote. At the county assemblies, those delegates elect delegates to the congressional-district and state conventions. (Colorado Republicans pick three delegates and three alternates from each of the seven congressional districts, and then another 13 to represent statewide.) Once again, this is all laid out in the party rules. This isn’t hidden somewhere. It’s not written in code. Trump asks, “How is it possible that the people of the great State of Colorado never got to vote in the Republican Primary? Great anger – totally unfair!” It’s very possible, because another nine states and the District of Columbia have people who “never get to vote in the Republican Primary” because they have a caucus, and another four territories have caucuses or state conventions. Trump’s contention is that only primaries are fair. One might think he had never paid much attention to a presidential primary before. (We do know he hasn’t voted in the past six presidential primaries, and he mentioned this morning that two of his children missed the deadline to register to vote in the New York primary.)